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Duct Cleaning

Your duct system is the "lungs of your home." If the ducts are dirty, the air in your house is also dirty, regardless of how clean your home is. How much dirt do you think would be sitting on your living room carpet if you had not vacuumed it in 15 years?


Boilers and hydronic heating systems use circulating hot water to keep your home comfortably warm. When it comes to servicing these heating systems, Polar Express has a distinct advantage over other HVAC companies.



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We are Polar Express Heating and Air. We are known in the Waukesha and Washington County area as The Furnace and AC Gurus™, and for good reason too. We have earned a reputation for being darn good at fixing, repairing, and most importantly, preventing breakdowns in your home's heating and air conditioning system. In addition to the HVAC repair and maintenance services we provide, we are also the "go to" company when your home requires a replacement furnace, air conditioner or boiler system.


Maybe you've been a client that has been using our HVAC services for years, or perhaps you stumbled here after hearing us on the radio, or as a result of a "HVAC companies near me" search. Either way, if you are looking for furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or HVAC service, repair or installation, you're in the right place. Our true HVAC technicians (we call them gurus and soon you will too) have been serving Waukesha and Washington Counties for generations with on-time HVAC appointments, accurate diagnostics of furnace and air conditioner troubles, old school values, true craftsmanship backed by industry leading guarantees and warranties and expert HVAC services performed by true technicians.


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Heating Service, Repair, and Installation

We provide heating repair, installation and maintenance services on all makes and models of furnaces. You can trust the expertise of a furnace Guru™ when it comes to furnace repair, furnace maintenance and to help guide you in furnace installation decisions. More on our heating services.


Cooling Service, Repair and Installation

Air conditioning is at the heart of your home and responsible for keeping you and your family comfortable in the heat of Wisconsin summers. You can trust an AC Guru™ for air conditioner repairs and for air conditioning installation services. Learn more about air conditioning services.


Boiler & Hydronic Heating Service, Repair and Installation

Not all HVAC companies have boiler Gurus™ on their team, but Polar Express does! With a shop in Germantown and Hartland, our market is full of hydronic heating systems. If your home is one of them and you're looking for a company that specializes in hydronic heating systems and boilers, you're in luck. Learn more about our hydronic heating services.


Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality Services

Delivering cleaner, healthier, fresher air through air duct cleaning and professional air filtration and indoor air quality products is something Polar Express Heating and Air does on a daily basis. If you're looking for air duct cleaning, filtration systems or other indoor air quality solutions, learn more about our duct cleaning services here.


Humidifier Service and Repairs

The heating season in Wisconsin requires forced air furnaces to run and heat a lot! This consistent running can dry out the air in your home and lead to a whole host of challenges. With humidifiers onboard our fully stocked HVAC trucks, we're prepared to install, service or repair your humidifer on the first trip.



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