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Dryer Vent Cleaning Special

NOW through September 30th, only $299! 


Normally Priced at $367



 Dryer vent cleaning can...

• Prevent Dryer Vent Fires! 
• Reduce electricity and gas usage!
• Reduce dry times!
• Get back your pocket change, or other lost treasures!


Skeptical? No problem!

follow the NFPA or FEMA links below for dryer fire facts

NFPA - Dryer Safety Notice
FEMA - Dryer Safety




Check out this before and after video!




*Pricing covers reasonable access, cleaning up to 40 feet of venting, and tape sealing. Replacement terminations; dismounting booster fans; repairing faulty piping; stackable dryers; a second person needed to move dryer; ladder access; or other limited access are all additional charges, and will be quoted upon visual inspection.


*Note: reasonable access is defined as being able to move dryer out of the way with one person, or direct access to vent from the outdoors at ground level.