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Cooling System Maintenance & AIR CONDITIONING Tune-ups

When Air Conditioner maintenance is performed annually, you can expect your AC system to cool better, last longer, be more reliable and cost less to operate. The AC Gurus™ at Polar Express Heating and Air are true AC technicians and perform critical AC maintenance through our Precision AC Tune-Ups. Technicians have been helping air conditioners run better, last longer and break down less for generations by delivering a Precision AC Tune-Up.


Why Air Conditioners Require Annual Maintenance

A cooling system is a symphony of air flow, electronics, and science. When in tune, that symphony delivers cool, dry, fresh air to your home and does so very efficiently. The challenge with this orchestra of cooling is the longer it plays, the more out of tune it gets. Here is how-


Air Flow- Every second your AC is running, it is drawing outside air through the condenser coil. It uses this air to blow the heat that it extracted out of home out of the refrigerant system. The condenser coil sucks up everything that is floating around in the air:

  • Grass clippings
  • Fuzzy little white things
  • Dirt
  • Bugs

When the condenser coil begins to plug, the entire symphony suffers.


Electronics- Every time your AC turns on it relies on a series of electronics to make this happen. One component in your air conditioner is called a contactor. The contactor is a series of copper contacts that slap together, completing the 220-volt circuit which provides the power for your AC to run.


When these contacts slap together, they make carbon. Carbon builds up on the contactor points and must be cleaned off every season to prevent breakdown.


Science- The magic sauce that makes your air conditioner work is called refrigerant. When the science of your air conditioner is wonky, the whole cooling system won't work correctly, not to mention cost you a fortune to operate!


Rodents- Your air conditioner is a mouse motel. Mice love wires. And your AC has a lot of wires. They also love a waterproof, out-of-the-wind place to live throughout the winter months. The best of both worlds is the electrical compartment inside your AC. They go to work building a nest and chewing the insulation off of all the wires inside your air conditioner. Not only is this dangerous because of the possibility of shorting the electrical, this is often a source of a no cool call in the early cooling season.


What is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up or AC Tune-Up?

At Polar Express, we call our annual AC maintenance procedure a tune-up because during this maintenance service, we will restore your AC system back to as close as possible factory fresh conditions. This process takes an out-of-tune AC and allows it to perform at its peak performance. Our tune-up process encompasses all areas that air conditioning annual maintenance should cover, such as a complete inspection of your HVAC system's electrical systems, as well as a rigorous performance test of all of the running components of the air conditioner. After all of the starting and running components check out, the entire air conditioner gets a bath. It is during the cleaning process of your AC tune-up that we clean all the coils so the air conditioner runs better and cools more efficiently. The last step of the process is comfort optimization. This is where we evaluate air flow, refrigerant levels and all the other factors that lead to comfort concerns with AC systems. We adjust and fine tune these things to ensure your AC system is delivering optimal comfort.


What are the benefits of having your AC tuned up every year?

You maintain your air conditioner's warranty- It doesn't matter what brand of air conditioning system you have, the company that made it requires that you have your system tuned up and inspected every year. If you don't, they have a way to weasel out of warranty claims.


Reduce breakdowns- Industry data shows 80% of HVAC breakdowns are a direct result of lack of maintenance. Our data shows the same facts. Our clients who choose to be a Polar Express Club member and have a tune-up every year rarely experience a breakdown.


Reduce utility bills- A dirty air conditioner costs more money to run.


Increase useful life- Annual tune-ups will add years to the useful life of your cooling system


Not all tune-ups are the same!

You should know, there are some air conditioner clean and checks, tune-ups, and maintenances being offered in our market that are flat out useless and provide very little benefit to you or your cooling system.


The tune-up an AC Guru™ performs is exactly what your AC needs to be a better running, more efficient, longer lasting machine. It's the real deal:


It's over 60 documented steps


It takes 1.5-2 hours to perform


It will restore the youth of your AC system


It will reduce the chances that your AC will break down


It will reduce the cost to operate your air conditioner


It will extend the life of your system


It's guaranteed


It only costs $149. Maybe less, if we're running a special


It can be scheduled by calling 262-367-3266 now, or use our online appointment form.