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Boilers and hydronic heating systems use circulating hot water to keep your home comfortably warm. A typical boiler system is made up of 2 major components...the actual boiler itself, and the controls within the water distribution system — which is very complicated.  The water distribution system is what delivers the hot water to either the baseboard heaters, cast iron radiators, or in-floor heating tubes.


When it comes to servicing these heating systems, Polar Express has a distinct advantage over other HVAC companies. You see, as part of the Austin Plumbing Company Team, we are partnered with the best plumbers in the area. So in addition to our expert boiler repair and troubleshooting, we have a clear understanding of how to best control water and how to use it most effectively to heat your home.


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  • In-floor heating repairs

The Two Major Types of Gas Boilers:

Conventional Gas Boilers

These are also known as a standard boiler.  A standard boiler is comprised of a heat exchanger and burners.  The heat exchanger in a conventional boiler will likely be made of cast iron and will typically vent into a chimney with metal vent piping. Although a conventional gas boiler isn't very efficient (80% at best), it does offer the advantages of simplicity and longevity of service life.

High Efficiency Boilers

High efficiency boilers typically operate at over 95% efficiency, giving them a large advantage over the traditional boiler system.  They have much smaller heat exchangers, typically made of stainless steel or aluminum.  In addition, a high efficiency boiler is much smaller and lighter than other boilers and can often be hung on the wall and vented with PVC pipe outside.  These technologically advanced boilers allow for many piping, heating, and domestic hot water applications, which require many more controls.


Regardless of the type of boiler system you currently have or are considering, Polar Express has hydronic heating and boiler experts on the team and ready to help when you need us.  Call 262-367-3266 today or schedule an appointment online.