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Furnace Replacement and Furnace Installation Services

Get a heating system or new furnace quote from an actual furnace technician, not a salesperson.


When it comes time to upgrade your heating system with a newer and more efficient furnace, you can trust a Furnace Guru™ to guide you through the process of choosing a new furnace that meets all your needs, your wants and your budget. We don't employ salespeople. All quotes for replacement furnaces and heating systems are handled by the same Furnace Gurus™ that work on them. This way you know when you invite our team into your home to go over replacement furnace options, the advice and guidance provided is from the standpoint of a person who wants you to get what you need, what you want, and a system that will last.


Signs your furnace may need to be replaced or your heating system is ready for an upgrade

First off, the team at Polar Express Heating and Air can fix just about anything. That said, just because we can fix it doesn't always mean that's the best decision for you, your family or your budget. Some of the more common signs that a furnace replacement should be considered are:


  • Your heating system is over 14 years old and requires $500-$1000 in repairs


  • You are not happy with the comfort your furnace provides


  • The furnace struggles to keep up on cold days or short cycles


  • Your utility bills are very high

There are many factors that play into determining when it makes sense to consider replacement. For a complete exploration of your existing heating system and replacement options, schedule an appointment today.


Furnace Replacement Options

There is no shortage of bells and whistles on modern HVAC equipment today. When it comes time to replace your old furnace system with a new heating system, there will be many things to consider. Since we are not HVAC salespeople, we will help walk you through the following furnace replacement considerations from a technical standpoint.

What size replacement furnace should you get?

Getting the right size heating system and furnace installed is critical for comfort, longevity and your utilities. A Furnace Guru™ will look to your home for the answer of what size furnace your home needs by analyzing the existing system, your comfort, the home's construction, orientation, and utility bills.

What is the best furnace?

There are many different brands of furnaces on the market and as a rule, they are all very similar in quality, price and comfort features. Since we work on all makes and models of furnaces, we're under the hood of each and every one of the brands on a daily basis. If you have a brand preference in mind, we're glad to consider installing it for your replacement heating system. However, we have found it to be in our client's best interest to approach choosing a replacement furnace brand as the last step vs. the first step. This is because the most important part of a heating system is making sure it's designed and sized correctly, installed right and that its features meet your needs, wants and budget.

Replacement furnace cost

The great news about the installation cost of a new heating system is that you get to choose it! It's true that there is a very wide spectrum of factors that go into determining the amount of money you'll invest in the replacement furnace. However, most of them such as efficiency, warranty, comfort features and other bells and whistles available on modern HVAC systems are completely optional, which means we can install replacement furnaces in just about any reasonable budget.

New furnace warranty

Most of the major HVAC brands come out of the box with 10-year parts warranties. When you choose Polar Express as your replacement furnace installer, our installation, labor, and craftsmanship is warrantied and guaranteed in house, so you know the investment you made in your new furnace is protected.


New Furnace Quotes

Typically, the first step in choosing a replacement furnace system is to schedule an appointment with one of our Furnace Gurus™. During this visit, we will come out and evaluate your current heating system, its performance, and get to know you and your home. Once we gather the technical information from your home and have a chance to learn about your needs and wants, we will put together a comprehensive quote for a replacement furnace system for you to consider. No pressure, no salespeople- just true HVAC techs serving the needs of you, your family and your home.


Why choose Polar Express Heating and Air to install your replacement furnace

1) We serve, not sell- The same people who service and install furnace and heating systems are the ones you work with when it comes to designing your new replacement heating system.


2) Installed by a Guru™ - We employ true craftsmen who are experts at furnace installation, service and repair. Our installation specifications exceed manufacturers specs and our cross-check process ensures your installation is scrutinized by not just one team of furnace installation Gurus™, but two. You're guaranteed your new system is installed properly.


3) Industry leading warranties and guarantees- We don't cut corners, which means we can stand proudly behind our work.


4) We're local- With a shop in Hartland, WI and Germantown, WI, we're always close by and local. Our team members live and work in the communities that we serve, so when you choose us as your HVAC contractor, you're doing business with a trusted local company.


5) We're proven, not the new kids on the block- HVAC companies pop up and disappear all the time in this market. They come in hitting the radio waves with aggressive marketing, billboards and all other marketing tactics. Our team has been serving the needs of Washington County and Waukesha County for over 80 years. That kind of longevity comes from doing the right thing over and over for generations.


To find out more about why Polar Express Heating and Air is a highly rated furnace replacement and installation HVAC contractor, call 262-367-3266 today or book online.