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Jefferson County Furnace Repair

Oh no!  No heat!

Waking up to the chill of winter inside your home can be an abrupt start to any day.  No heat?  Furnace won’t work?  What do you do? 


For Jefferson County furnace repair call the Furnace Guru’s at Polar Express Heating and Air.  Looking for 24/7 furnace repair or emergency furnace service?  Polar Express is standing by available to assist with any heating & air conditioner problem. Polar Express is the heating and air conditioner problem and service professional in Jefferson County to repair, diagnose, service or replace your HVAC system.  

Furnace blowing cold air?

Many property owners in Jefferson County first notice they have a gas furnace problem when the furnace is blowing cold air... when it’s supposed to be warm air!  If your furnace is blowing cold air, first check the furnace filter.  A stoppedup furnace filter can cause your high efficiency furnace to overheat and shut down for safety.

Thermostat not working? 

What if the furnace isn’t broken at all?  The heating cycle starts by the t-stat delivering a signal to the furnace letting it know your home needs heating or cooling.  If the thermostat programing is incorrect the furnace may not be getting the proper signals.  Make sure there is a fresh set of batteries in the thermostat and the thermostat cover is installed properly.  If you suspect your system has a bad thermostat call 262-367-3266 or schedule an appointment for a professional review.

Furnace making loud noise?

If you have a Trane furnace or Amana furnace or any other brand of high efficiency furnace, it likely has 2 motors.  The blower motor blows air through your house.  The inducer motor is also known as the venter motor or exhaust motor and blows flue gasses outside.  Grinding or squealing sound from either motor is an indication that failure is near.  A Polar Express Furnace Guru can diagnose the cause of motor noise and offer cost effective furnace repair in Jefferson County.

Furnace maintenance

The best way to protect your Jefferson County home’s heating system and keep your family comfortable is have a Polar Express Furnace Guru out for an annual maintenance.  Heating system inspection can reduce your utility payments, and prevent costly heating system repair.  


Here are the most common categories of furnace service offered by most Heating and Cooling contractors in Jefferson County.

Furnace Safety Inspection

If you invest in a heating system safety inspection, the primary reason for this service is safety.  It typically includes a visual inspection of the safety related items of the furnace.  This service should include a video inspection of the primary and secondary heat exchanger as well as a thorough inspection of electrical wiring and safety switches.  

Furnace clean & check

This furnace service typically includes cleaning out the drain system, removing major dust and debris from the furnace and running the unit through a few cycles to make sure everything is working.  A clean and check is typically the least expensive service offered by a Jefferson County company and the purpose is to verify the furnace is running.  

Furnace tune-up

This is the most complete service offered by HVAC contractors in Jefferson County and the standard at Polar Express Heating and Air.  Our tune-up is a complete safety and operation inspection of the furnace and includes a video inspection of the heat exchangers in the furnace as well as a carbon monoxide test and full electrical inspection of the furnace.  In addition to the safety inspection part of the tune-up, your Furnace Guru will clean, inspect, adjust and document the performance of your furnace.  This process adds years of service to the furnace, as well as increases efficiency and reduces breakdowns.  A furnace tune-up by the hands of a Polar Express Furnace Guru will keep your furnace at factory fresh conditions.

Common furnace components

A typical gas forced air furnace has 6 key components and 6 consumable components that commonly fail.  The major components are the primary heat exchanger, secondary heat exchanger, inducer motor, blower motor, gas valve and circuit boards.  If your furnace is over a decade and you have a main component failure it is wise to look at heating system replacement with a new high efficiency furnace. 


The secondary components are- drain system, pressure switches, igniter, capacitor, flame sensor and secondary control circuits.  Your Furnace Guru from Polar Express will identify exactly what is causing your Jefferson County furnace or boiler challenges and offer you repair options.

Uneven heating

Do you have a room or an entire floor level that is not heating properly?  Two story heating problems not uncommon.  Uneven heating occurs in most instances because the duct system was never properly balanced.  A Polar Express Furnace Guru can evaluate the air flow in your duct system and offer solutions to uneven heating and hot and cold spots in your Jefferson County residence.  

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