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Air Quality, Filtration & Duct Cleaning

Whether it's putting a small hand sanitizer in your child's coat pocket or keeping anti-bacterial wipes at your desk at work, many of us do whatever we can to keep harmful germs at bay. But what about in your own home?  Do you know what is circulating through air your ducts and, subsequently, into your lungs? The harmful germs and microscopic dirt in the air might surprise you.  In fact, the EPA states that the air in an average, unfiltered home is 5 times more polluted than some major metropolitan cities.


Fortunately, there are a number of Air Filtration systems that can be installed into your home's HVAC system to improve the quality of the air in your home.  These range from furnace filters and air conditioner filters to dedicated air filters. In addition, air duct cleaning can make a huge improvement in the quality of your home's air. Plus, the addition of a humidifier  or dehumidifier can make a significant contribution to both the comfort and healthiness of your home.


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Filtration in your Home

There are different levels of filtration that can be applied to your home depending on the problems that you are looking to address.  A basic furnace filter is only designed to protect your furnace from large objects such as golf balls or other objects that accidentally end up in heat vents, it isn't meant to actually "clean" your air.


Here are some of the many air-cleaning options:

HEPA Filters

A High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA Filter) does exactly what the name implies: It filters all the little particles that are circulating in your home so that you and your loved ones aren't repeatedly exposed to them.  Keeping your air clean helps everyone in the house, but especially those in the family who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.  Installing a HEPA filter can be a quick and easy process and can provide a healthier, cleaner environment for you and your family.

UV Filters

UV filters work on purifying the air that circulates through your HVAC system.  The UV light helps to destroy things that can't be caught in a physical filter, such as gases, odors and some biological elements such as mold and bacteria.


For more information on air quality, filters and regulations, please visit

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

"Hot and Cold" are usually the first words that come to mind when talking about your home's HVAC system.  Two words that don't come to mind, but should are "Damp and Dry." In an overly damp environment, bacteria, mold, dust mites and germs are able to multiply quickly and exponentially.  On the flip side, an overly dry environment makes your skin more susceptible to bacteria, mold, dust mites and germs entering or harming your body.


This is where a whole-house humidification and dehumidification system comes in.  This system allows you to keep your house at optimal humidity levels, which is generally between 35% to 45% relative humidity.

Duct Cleaning

Think of your duct system as the "lungs of your home." When the ducts are dirty, the air that gets moved throughout the house is also dirty, regardless of how clean your home is.  If you've never had the ducts of your home cleaned, consider this: How much dirt do you think would be sitting on your living room carpet if you had not vacuumed it in 15 years? Besides being disgusting, it would be downright unhealthy.


There's a simple solution:  Just give our certified technicians a day in your home with our ToraVac duct-cleaning machine and you'll all breathe a little easier with cleaner, healthier air.  Depending on the level of buildup on the furnace and AC system, a duct cleaning by Polar Express could increase the efficiency of the system by up to 40%.

Not all air duct-cleaning companies are the same.

Be cautious of fly-by-night, and duct cleaning only companies.  Although they may do a decent job of vacuuming your duct system, only a certified HVAC Service tech is qualified to work on the whole system.  At Polar Express, all duct cleaning is performed by our experienced and certified HVAC Service technicians. The methods used will exceed the National Air Duct Cleaning association standards.


For more information please call 262-367-3266 to schedule an evaluation of your duct system or schedule an appointment online.