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SIX Tips For A Healthy HVAC System

Posted by Eric Smith on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 at 9:29 am

For most, air conditioners are a necessity during the summer months, and now with summer winding down...keep your AC unit running at maximum efficiency with yearly maintenance!


One of the most important parts of that maintenance is keeping the AC coils clean. The two most common problems that cause air conditioners to break down, leak, as well as cause damage to the furnace is dirt and neglect. The image below is a picture of a neglected AC coil built up with years of dirt and grime, and why yearly HVAC Tune Ups are critical to the lifespan of your equipment.



The AC coil takes on a lot of abuse over the course of a year. All the air that flows into and throughout your home must pass through the AC coil. When you see a lot of build up, it reduces the systems efficiency and puts extra strain on the furnace because it is attempting to force air through a plugged coil. This strain then causes stress to other major components of the system, leading to a domino effect of complications. During the summer, when the coil is plugged, the furnace isn't able to blow enough air through, which leads to ice buildup on the coil. (See photo below.)



When the homeowner notices that the AC isn't working because the coil is iced up, they shut the AC system down and causing that ice to melt. That ice melt leads to water leaking all over the furnace, which can cause rusting of the heat exchangers, damage to the motors and circuit boards. Thankfully all of this is avoidable with simple maintenance.


Here are some tips to help keep your AC unit healthy and running efficiently:


  1. Replace the furnace filter regularly.

  2. Keep all bushes trimmed back from the outdoor AC unit—at least 24 inches—so the unit can breathe.

  3. If you notice water leaking out of the furnace, or around the furnace, call right away. This is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately, before damage is done.

  4. When it’s really hot outside, you can let the AC run. Some people set their AC thermostat way up so it doesn’t run often when they leave the house, then crank it back down when they get home to cool the house. While this might save a few dollars on energy costs, it puts a lot of stress on your HVAC system. To help prevent that stress, try to keep the temperature change between 5-10 degrees.

  5. Keep windows covered to keep the sun out of the house during the day, this will help the home stay cooler and reduce the load on the system.

  6. Have your AC tuned up every year by a professional. We have the tools to inspect the AC coils and check the electrical system for safety. A simple and cost effective tune up every year will save thousands of dollars over the long haul.

YES...Summer is coming to close but its not too late to have your A/C tuned up.  Call 262-367-3266 and schedule a Tune up with a Polar Express Guru today! Have a question or need help with something else? Polar Express Heating and Air Gurus are experts in HVAC service and replacement serving all of Waukesha County. Our number one priority is providing the highest level of service! Polar Express Heating and Air Conditioning 262-367-3266 or



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