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Posted by By Eric Smith on Tue May 1st, 2018 at 4:50 pm

Your Air conditioner doesn't love spring as much as you do... After working hard last summer your AC has been hibernating all winter long hosting a herd of mice, packed full of the grass clippings; pollen; and fuzz from last year, and in the days ahead will be asked to keep your home cool. The fact is, that it's condition will only get worse in the weeks ahead.


In the Early air conditioning season, the AC Gurus at Polar Express Heating and Air get bombarded by service calls that are 100% preventable. Here are some of the most common preventable causes of Air Conditioner Repairs we encounter in Waukesha County.


DIRT and GRIME - All of the dust, pollen, grass, and debris that blow around in the air get sucked into the air conditioner as it sits outside running or not. Over the course of a year, this builds up into a blanket that chokes the AC unit. When your AC can't breath properly it guzzles electricity, cools poorly and can cause serious damage to the compressor.


SLUDGE - Inside your home, directly above your furnace is the evaporator coil. This is the indoor portion of your Air Conditioner. As the hot humid air from the home blows over the cold evaporator coil, condensation is created which drips into a pan and runs to the drain. This water sits stagnant most of the time in a dark and damp environment, and a sludge and scum layer builds up. Overtime, chunks of this sludge break loose and clog the coils drain system. When this happens, water typically leaks all over the furnace finding its way to the circuitry that controls the furnace. Water and electronics don't mix, and equals expensive repairs!


RODENTS - Once fall sets in, mice and rodents look for shelter...    we find hundreds of mice nests inside Air Conditioners every Spring.Here is a picture from my Air Conditioner in Hartland tuned up by Chad (one of our Guru's) on 04/03/15.The concerning thing about rodents nesting in your AC unit, is they often time chew on the electrical wires inside, and if those wires are touching and you turn on the AC... Look out! Sparks will fly.


DIRTY FILTERS - Airflow through your evaporator coil is critically important to the operation of your AC system. A dirty furnace filter will cause the evaporator coil to get too cold...cold enough to turn into an ice block. When this happens, the system will not work at all... even worse, that ice block will start to melt dripping water all over the furnace below.


The simple solution to every one of these environmental impacts, which cause your Air Conditioner to break down, is an annual AC tune-up. Thousands of our clients enjoy our Maintenance Club, where we take care of contacting them for service and enjoy a clean, efficient, safe and reliable Air Conditioner every year. Interested in joining them? Call 262-367-3266, and schedule an AC tune-up with one of our Guru's. Go ahead...join the Club!

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