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HEADING SOUTH FOR THE WINTER? Your Furnace Has Some Thoughts for You…

Posted by By: Eric Smith on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 4:51 pm

The migration is beginning for those of you that seek warmer refuge during the frigid winter ahead... and for many that means making some decisions regarding your furnace.  


1) HAVE ME TUNED UP Please...Tune ups are the best way to do your part in making sure I don't break down this winter. When I'm working heating your home, I get dirty and dirt causes me to break down.  Have a Polar Express Guru out and have me tuned up and my filter changed...Please.


2) PUT NEW BATTERIES IN the T-STAT...When the batteries die in the T-Stat I can't turn on! You typically set the temp very low when you leave and batteries loose there charge much faster at 50 degrees than 70. I wouldn't want two AA batteries to be the cause of any home issues so please change them now. You can put the old, but still good ones in the remote or something not critical.  Don't want to worry about batteries?  The furnace Gurus at Polar Express Heating and Air may be able hardwire the Thermostat so batteries are no longer required!


3) HOW COLD TO LEAVE ME?  I know you want that utility bill to be as low as possible while you're gone, but check my owner's will tell you my minimum run temperature. Most manufactures say running a furnace below 55-60 degrease can cause damage to the furnace. 60 degrees is safest.


4) WI-FI ME...PLEASE and I WILL TELL YOU WHEN I'M NOT WORKING - I realize you may have someone drop by from time to time, but really...what are the chances that I break down when that someone is here?  Exactly why with technology today, having a Wi-Fi T-stat that will alert you when I'm not working is a no brainer and super cheap insurance against a major loss!  Your furnace Guru has several options of Wi-Fi t-stats so you can choose the right one for you, your system, and your budget.


5) TURN OFF YOUR WATER...Have the people stopping by to water the plants bring their own water when they visit. Leaving the water on when you're not home is not worth the risk!  Every year we see hundreds of thousands of damage caused by furnace failures, and pipes splitting.  Just shut the water off.  Don't know how?  Call our Smell Good Plumbers at Austin Plumbing Company 262-367-3808.


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