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Posted by By Eric Smith on Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 at 10:26 am

With cool temps looking like they are here to stay and only getting colder, many of us have turned on our furnaces for the first time this year. Some haven't been maintained yet, or are in need of repair or replacement, and not all HVAC companies & technicians are the same!


For instance, this is a picture of what one of our technicians came across this week while preforming a tune-up for a new client. The scary thing is this person thought this was a professionally installed furnace because the installer seemed reputable! The reality is, this system was absolutely unsafe, inefficient, and was only partially hooked up. The good news is this client believed in maintenance, and hired us to do a tune up which allowed us to uncover and rectify the situation before anyone got hurt.


A furnace NO NO!


Companies and techs differ in many ways. From the way they answer their phones; what they drive; how they arrive; to what they charge...and there are many of them to choose from, so it's important to know who and what you've hired.


To help I've written a few tips:


1. Check Reviews! See what things other people are saying...we find what others think and have experienced is important. If a company has anything less than 20 recent google reviews... be wary!


2. Ask Questions. Knowing what to expect helps you make an informed decision whether it's on a repair, tune up or replacement. So make time if you can to be home when they arrive.


3. Cost and Value. There are many things to take into consideration. All HVAC companies charge differently and have yearly specials. Some people choose to use a different company each year with the best pricing. I understand...who doesn't like to save money, but there is VALUE to a tech knowing your system by tuning it up year after year, and the trust that is built with the company. After all, you would never consider getting a checkup year after year from a different doctor. Plus, a way to help save money is to ask about a maintenance program or club. It makes a difference!


Why wait...get your furnace tuned up, and if you do not have a relationship with an HVAC company give Polar Express a call at 262.367.3266 and let one of our GURU'S get to know you and your furnace today.


Polar Express Heating and Air Gurus are experts in HVAC service and replacement serving all of Waukesha County. Our number one priority is providing the highest level of service! Polar Express Heating and Air Conditioning 262-367-3266 or


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